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What it means to be a .pharmacy?

What it means to be a .pharmacy?

You cannot trust a pharmacy because their website looks legitimate. Only 4% ¹ of pharmacies online are truly safe to use for consumers.

Below are just a few of the risks you take when using an unverified website:

  • Receiving pills that contain such fillers as drywall and rat poison

  • Having your financial and other personal information stolen

  • Having your email inbox flooded with spam that could infect your home computer with viruses

A National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) review process takes place with pharmacies that have an online presence to ensure they are operating following proper laws and business best practices.

Once verified, NABP adds the pharmacy onto a verified website list, allowing the pharmacy to use the .pharmacy domain name at the end of their website URL.

Why .pharmacy is important?

Having an approval from the NABP as a .pharmacy will set the pharmacy apart from 95%² of websites operating out of compliance laws and standards.

Having the .Pharmacy labeling allows patients to know that their health is being held at a higher standard of safety and control.

The .Pharmacy domain is a signal of safety on the web.

Having the .Pharmacy domain ensures that websites are properly licensed and meet the program standards. These standards require the company that runs the website:

  • To be licensed, registered, or hold appropriate permits where it is headquartered and where its customers reside

  • To dispense prescription medications only after receiving a valid prescription

  • To protect patient medical and financial information

  • To have a clean disciplinary record

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