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Bringing Integrity And Trust To The Prescription Benefit Industry

Your Transparent PBM Model

Offering proven results and exceptional service. NuCara Health Solutions will continue to transform the PBM model by offering these core values:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Stewardship
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Benefits of using NHS

  • 90 day at retail
  • Lower cost to the employer
  • Improved service to the employees
  • Ongoing expert consultation offering real solutions for plan design

Features that will keep pricing low

  • Complete pass through of drug REBATES received
  • Administrative fee & additional program fees clearly defined
  • Invoices include claim details
  • No MAC spreads
  • No hidden fees

True Plan Protection™

NHS Programs Manage Your Prescription Plan

  • True Generics™ Program
  • Formulary Guard™
  • NHS Specialty Drug Program

    ? NuCara Assist™

True Generic™ Programs

  • ALL rebate revenue passed through to plan sponsor
  • Increase generic utilization
  • Generics First Program
  • Step Therapy
  • Generic Only Therapeutic Classes

Formulary Guard™

  • Determine therapeutic alternatives
  • Block patent extenders

NHS Specialty Drug Program

Cost Control Measures

  • Tiered Specialty Drug program
  • Bio-similar drug approval processes
  • 14-day first fill and 30-day maintenance fills
  • NuCara Assist™ program

NuCara Assist™ Program

  • Designed to reduce the plan cost associated with specialty drugs for both employers and members
  • Assigned a NuCara Assist™ Case Manager

    ? Pharmaceutical Assistance Program coordination

  • Design specialty drug tiers to maximize Patient Assistance Programs
Team Meeting

Client Prescription Plan Reviews

  • Easy to follow reviews
  • Pharmacist consulting on reports and trends
  • True cost trending from year to year and bench marked from national average
  • Cost saving recommendations

“We feel that moving to NuCara Health Solutions was truly one of the best things that has ever happened with benefits at our company. You have not only delivered what you promised, but above and beyond...”

- Michelle S., Employee Relations Manager