Enteral Nutrition Services

NuCara Nutrition Program Provides

  • Reimbursement qualifications and authorization.
  • Coordination of transition to home care. • Interdisciplinary plan of care, based on nutrition assessment.
  • Monthly evaluation of nutrition status, progress, and compliance.Reassessment based on plan of care.
  • Clinical resource for patients and caregivers throughout course of treatment.

Nutrition Program Goals

  • Minimizes re-hospitalization
  • Optimal patient outcomes
  • Meets nutritional goals

Vital Care Nutrition Support Team

  • Physician - Disease specific nutrition evaluation and management.
  • Registered Dietitian - Clinical nutrition assessment and management, product recommendations, and reassessment.
  • Pharmacist - Pharmacological evaluations for optimal nutrition and medication management.
  • Registered Nurse - Patient education, site care recommendations, and coordination of services.

What referral information will I need to send?

  • Demographics and insurance
  • Diagnosis appropriate for enteral nutrition
  • Height, weight, and allergies
  • Nutrition product or equivalent order
  • Feeding route and equipment
  • Medicare patients may need additional information.

How can I make a referral to NuCara Pharmacy?

Call or fax referral information to: