Nufill Medication Synchronization – Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Nufill is a medication synchronization service offered by NuCara Pharmacy. Medication Synchronization is when the pharmacist coordinates the refill of your medications so you can pick them up on a single day each month. Many people miss doses of their regular medications and med sync can make you more likely to take them.

Nufill Medication Synchronization

What are some advantages to synching your medications?

For adults with chronic conditions on multiple medications, skipping a dose or two is a common problem. But non-adherence is risky and has accounted for emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and even death.

According to the American Pharmacists Association Foundation, patients who participate in medication synchronization programs are 3 to 6 times more likely to stick with their medication regimen.

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) found that 74 percent of patients enrolled in synchronization programs found synchronization helpful in improving their overall adherence.

  • NuFull is a FREE medication program designed to automatically fill all of your medications at one time. A convenient and time saving service available to our patients.

    Benefits of Nufill

  • Timely

  • Receive your important medications before running out
  • Convenient
  • Eliminate the hassle of calling in refills on time
  • One Location
  • Get all of your medications filled at one pharmacy
  • Effortless
  • The pharmacist will work with your doctor's office and insurance company to coordinate your refills
  • Higher Level Of Care
  • Your NuCara pharmacist will be providing comprehensive care every refill cycle and ultimately giving you more personal contact with your pharmacist


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