Our Services

NuCara recognizes the role of good health and good health care services in the lives of our customers. Our goal is to provide the best products, the best service and the latest innovations to benefit our customers. Please take a moment to discover the many services and products we offer and learn how they can make your life better and healthier.

Community Based Pharmacies

Our goal is to deliver the best pharmacy value without sacrificing the quality of care prized by our patients. NuCara owns and manages nine full-service community based pharmacies in Iowa plus two additional sites – one in Texas and one in Illinois. Several of our retail sites specialize in compounding prescription services (customized medications). With a high priority on pharmaceutical care, one-on-one patient counseling and medication management, NuCara's community pharmacies deliver quality health care to patients from infants to seniors.

NuCara Cares Rx Savings Program

Save money on the biggest selection of popular drugs.
The NuCara Cares card provides the savings and convenience you need most from a pharmacy. As a cardholder you will pay lower prices on thousands of prescriptions including many brand name drugs and generic alternatives not covered by other drug discount programs.

NuCara Pharmacy always strives to provide what our customers deserve most; quality patient care at affordable prices. Now we can offer even more with our NuCara Cares program.

Click here to download our generic drug discount formulary (PDF)

Medication Packaging Service

Do you have trouble keeping track of all your medications? Let the pharmacists at NuCara help! We will organize all of your medications in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly medication planners. Our staff will also take care of refill requests so that your medications are automatically ready for you once a week. Delivery and pick up available. Medication Packaging is just another service to help our patients manage their health care and stay in their homes. The services may vary by store. Ask the staff of your local NuCara for more information!

If you have questions or would like more information about NuCara Pharmacy, email us to find a NuCara Pharmacy near you.

Compounding Services

We work with the physician and patient to solve medication problems. Compounding custom prescription medications provide many more options for patients who are unable or having problems taking medications is conventional ways.

NuCara is an independent Midwest-based pharmacy group, dedicated to the art and science of compounding. From discontinued or unavailable meds to cutting edge dosing options...NuCara Pharmacy works with the practitioner to solve medication problems and meet specific patient needs. If you have questions about compounding prescription services or would like more information about NuCara, contact [email protected] .

Quality Assurance

From the beginning, NuCara pharmacists have recognized the importance of embracing, and adhering to, nationally-accepted standards for the practice of professional compounding.

  • NuCara's Standard Operating Procedures encompass strict guidelines for the preparation of compounds to assure uniformity and quality. NuCara pharmacists verify each step of the compounding process.
  • Certificates of Analysis of the compounding chemicals used are available upon request.
  • Equipment is certified annually and calibrated daily. Drug storage areas are light and temperature controlled.

"How can I tell if the medication is compounded properly?"

The ability to combine one or more chemicals into a new preparation (upon the order of a prescriber) is the unique domain of the compounding pharmacist. NuCara's pharmacists combine art and skill to create new formulations and unique dosage forms that were previously unavailable. To do this correctly, state-of-the-art technology is crucial.

  • NuCara pharmacies are equipped with electronic balances that accurately weigh chemicals in minute increments.
  • Our ointment mills and homogenizers reduce particle size, resulting in smoother suspensions and transdermals.
  • Our autoclaves, clean rooms and laminar airflow hoods ensure sterile preparations.

"How can I tell if my pharmacy is reputable?"

NuCara pharmacists are graduates of accredited Colleges of Pharmacy and licensed by Boards of Pharmacy. NuCara has taken this educational process a step further by holding its pharmacists and compounding technicians to a higher standard with required additional training and continuing education. NuCara pharmacists are skilled at assessing a problem and creatively meeting the challenge. The pharmacists use:

  • Scientific research
  • Experimentation in the pharmacy
  • Collaboration with physicians, veterinarians, dentists and other prescribers to create alternative dosage forms.